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Do Fact Checks Matter?

Voters' minds are stubborn, and politicians habitually spout falsehoods. That doesn't mean fact-checking is a failure, though.

Clinton Campaign Manager: Trump's Lack Of Preparation Surprising

Robby Mook, the campaign manager for Hillary for America, joins David Greene the morning after the first presidential debate to discuss Hillary Clinton's performance.

In Post-Debate Interview, Trump Again Criticizes Pageant-Winner's Weight

Donald Trump followed up Monday's debate by insulting a former Miss Universe winner. He told a morning show that Alicia Machado "gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem."

Georgia Voter Reaction: Race And Policing

Steve Inskeep is in Atlanta and follows up with a set of voters in the battleground state of Georgia. The morning after the debate, he asks whether their opinions of the nominees have shifted.

Clinton Surrogate Gen. John Douglass Weighs In On Presidential Debate

The morning after the first presidential debate, David Greene talks to retired Air Force Gen. John Douglass, who says Donald Trump doesn't have the experience or temperament to be president.

Ga. Voters Sift Through Points Made During Monday's Presidential Debate

Steve Inskeep follows up with a set of voters in the swing state of Georgia. The morning after the presidential debate, he asks whether their opinions of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have changed.

Fact Checking The First Presidential Debate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton discussed a wide range of issues during Monday night's debate, but some of their statements require a bit more context than they may have provided.

Trump Surrogate Boris Epshteyn Weighs In On First Presidential Debate

David Greene talks to Boris Epshteyn, senior adviser to Donald Trump's campaign from Hofstra University, the setting for Monday night's debate. The debate was lively and often combative.

First Of 3 Presidential Debates Had Lots Of Fireworks And Clashes

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton wrapped up their first debate Monday night in Hempstead, N.Y. It was a fast-paced 90 minutes with Trump often interrupting Clinton and speaking over her answers.

Who Got What They Wanted From The First Clinton-Trump Debate?

On this occasion, the often dour Clinton gave way to beaming smiles and occasional chuckles. Trump had just one salient objective — to project a calm and presidential air — yet struggled with it.

Fact Check: First Presidential Debate

NPR annotated the first presidential debate debate with fact check, analysis and context.

Across The Country, Fascination And Indifference On Debate Night

An enormous television audience was expected for the first Clinton-Trump presidential debate. Crowds of voters also gathered in homes, restaurants and bars to watch the candidates go toe to toe.

The First Presidential Debate In 100 Words (And 6 Videos)

In a contentious debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton clashed on the economy, taxes and terrorism.

Fact Check: Trump And Clinton Debate For The First Time

NPR reporters and editors annotated Monday night's debate as it happened. Read the final fact check, analysis and context here.

Clinton And Trump Clash In Tense First Presidential Debate

The presidential candidates traded barbs over their economic and trade plans, national security and race relations in the U.S.

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