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Democracy as a Spectator Sport

October 31, 2010

By Michael Muskal of The Los Angeles Times:

It may be the “ tea party” movement that is fueling the great political outpouring this year, but it is an even greater grouping -- those who don’t vote at all -- who will likely determine the elections.

As the midterm election cycle finally approaches its end on Tuesday, the media will continue to be full of stories about the anti-incumbent anger swirling through the electorate and the even more pronounced partisan disagreement over how the economy is doing and is being handled politically.

Two things are worth remembering with Nov. 3, the day after the election, on the horizon. The overwhelming majority of incumbents will be reelected even if Republicans win control of the House and gain influence in the Senate, as most polls show. And the real anger over the economic recession is not enough to drive many people to vote.

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Michael Muskal

The Los Angeles Times

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